Here are descriptions of the projects I’m currently working on.

The Emperor’s Carver

A heist to steal a tyrant’s immortality. The crew? A medic who rearranges human tissue, a bomb-obsessed swordsman, a noble’s discontented daughter, a witty stone-melting rogue, and a massive Chimera. Unfortunately, if Ell’s new allies discover she used to be the tyrant Emperor’s executioner, they’ll kill her.

YA Dark Fantasy Novel

Status: Editing

The Order of the Charred

Ara’s deepest wish is to travel the world, but when she’s assigned to join the ranks of courtesans and spend the rest of her life sequestered in a tiny tower, applying to the magical school for bounty hunters may be her only chance at escape. Too bad she’s the most hopeless spellcaster Pioverezia has ever seen.

If Emberly saves and scrapes, she might repay her deceased parents’ debts by the time she’s seventy—if she’s not killed while patrolling Pioverezia’s most dangerous streets. When her superiors refuse to acknowledge the revival of a lethal cannibalistic cult, she must unravel its clandestine schemes before the city is plunged into fire and chaos.

YA Fantasy Novel

Status: Complete

The Murkwood

The forest is alive. And it’s hungry.

Short Story

Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future

Status: Submitting to magazines

Wishing Well

There are whispers of a well hidden deep within a decaying hedge maze that will grant any wish. But is the labyrinth protecting the well from us, or is it protecting us from whatever’s inside?

Short Story

Status: Drafting