Mid-Year Resolution Check In

It’s already July? Where 2020 was a dragging pile of slow, 2021 is flying by! Halfway through the year, here’s my New Year’s Resolution check in.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

I’m really bad about New Year’s, at least the typically get up early every morning, eat well, exercise resolutions. After a long day at work, the last thing I want is to go for a run or cook a vegetable. So, this year, I decided to play to my strengths: submitting a story each month (not including querying my novel, which is happening in the background too).

Decembera gritty dark fantasy short story to Writers of the Future
Januarya sub 1000-word story to a contest
Februarya fairytale mash-up to an anthology
Marchhorror flash fiction
Aforementioned fairy tale to Writers of the Future
AprilAforementioned dark fantasy to a contest
May Honestly, May was pretty rough and fell off the writing wagon a bit. Started a few short pieces but didn’t polish enough to submit
Junea demon-angel buddy cop to Writers of the Future
Julyhorror flash fiction
Steampunk ghost story to an anthology (maybe putting this in a post will light a fire under my butt to finish it!)
Planned: a second horror flash fiction

In novel-related news, I’m preparing to send out a new round of queries for the dark YA fantasy and starting revisions for the latest WIP. Also in the pre-draft planning stages for a Little Mermaid retelling.

Does anyone want to join me during the second half of the year to submit a short piece once a month? Let me know (I could really use an accountabili-buddy)!



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