The Writer: A Study in Clichés

We avoid clichés in our writing—or we should—but it’s essentially fact that as a collective, writers are basically tropes. We’re either team tea or team coffee, and we have animal sidekicks that we prefer over people (Hello, fellow introverts!). Here are four of my favorite writer clichés that may or may not be verified by science.

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A Writer’s Greatest Enemy

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What is the biggest hurdle to writing? Is it finding the time? Is it waiting for inspiration to strike? Is it constructing the perfect setup in your house or a café (pre-COVID) with the perfect beverage at the perfect temperature with the optimal background music at the perfect volume? And then as soon as any one of those components fall out of balance, your concentration shatters?

While these are annoying, I would like to argue that the biggest hurdle to writing is more insidious. More secretive. I put forth that Procrastination is the highest barrier to sitting your butt in a chair and putting words on a page.

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