A Writer’s Greatest Enemy

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What is the biggest hurdle to writing? Is it finding the time? Is it waiting for inspiration to strike? Is it constructing the perfect setup in your house or a café (pre-COVID) with the perfect beverage at the perfect temperature with the optimal background music at the perfect volume? And then as soon as any one of those components fall out of balance, your concentration shatters?

While these are annoying, I would like to argue that the biggest hurdle to writing is more insidious. More secretive. I put forth that Procrastination is the highest barrier to sitting your butt in a chair and putting words on a page.

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Into the (Query) Trenches

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You’ve just completed your novel. You’re excited, riding an exhilarating wave of momentum because you just typed “The End” at the bottom of your masterpiece. So, what happens next? There are hosts of hurdles in between your newborn manuscript and seeing your book on the shelves. Check out this week’s blog post here at CritiqueMatch.

If you’re interested in more information about querying and publication, let me know! I’m happy to deep dive into my experience and what I’ve researched for future posts.

Welcome to My Site!

Corgi sprawling across keyboard while Madeline tries to write.
Loving how my family is so supportive of my writing.

I’m excited to launch my author website. I’d love to connect to fellow writers and readers who enjoy YA literature, especially in the fantasy genre. While I’ve only been seriously writing with the goal of having a book on the shelf for about three years, I’ve been a voracious reader basically forever.

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