For Your Listening Pleasure:

You’re probably tired of staring at the computer screen. I know between my laptop and phone, I’m usually looking for a break. But when I’m wanting to maintain productivity, I enjoy listening to podcasts. You can listen to them while driving, doing chores, or just with your feet kicked up in your recliner. You can find shows on almost every topic, from writing craft to author interviews to interesting fields that allow you to research on the go. I want to share some of my favorites.


Writing Excuses is an info-packed podcast that delves into everything from craft to crash courses in the publishing industry. It’s hosted by writers Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Taylor, and Dan Wells; new seasons have occasional guests that make reappearances. The best part? The episodes are often just over 15 minutes, perfect for driving to work or going on a walk.

The PubCrawl podcast is an auditory extension of the Publishing Crawl blog. There are lots of resources on everything from characterization to plot and structure, but if you want entertaining and enlightening banter directly in your ear, S. Jae-Jones and Kelly Van Sant are great hosts. It hasn’t been updated in a few years, but the backlog is packed with information on the go. It’s also a good insight into publishing, as JJ is a published author, and Kelly has worn several hats throughout the industry.

Author Interviews

Hosted by bestselling author Marissa Meyer, The Happy Writer is an interview-based show that delves into different writers’ publishing experiences and writing techniques. Feel free to give a listen just to hear Meyer’s effervescent voice.

  • No Write Way

Bestselling author Victoria “V.E.” Schwab interviews fellow writers on Instagram live (I listened to the series through my podcast app). A great insight into the publishing industry, different tips and techniques, and maybe some coping mechanisms for stress (specifically COVID/quarantine, but probably could be applied elsewhere).

Publishing Field

For an inside look from the agent’s perspective, check this out. Laura Zats and Erik Hane dissect the book world and publishing industry (nearly) every week. They’re full of humor and insight. Also, they have Patreon support options where listeners can submit first pages and queries for critique.

I love this podcast, because it’s a great reminder that agents are just people, trying to manage their inboxes while fielding all kinds of craziness. If you want to listen to a couple of agents split a 10-dollarest bottle of wine and dish on publishing, this is your show. Bridget Smith and Jennifer Udden (who has since moved on from agenting to freelance editing) are hilarious. It hasn’t updated in a while, but the backlog is filled with laugh out loud stories.

Book Recommendations–Because You Need More in Your TBR Pile

I swear, I want to read every single book mentioned on this podcast. It’s a great place to hear about upcoming books, underrated gems of books hidden in an author’s backlist, and recommendations in new genres. Book Riot has many articles and podcasts to offer, so if YA isn’t your chosen genre, they probably have other offerings for you.