March 2022 Updates and the Ever-Elusive (Nonexistent) Work-Life Balance



Where have the first two months of 2022 gone? I’d say I’d wish for more than 24 hours in a day, but honestly I’m so exhausted I have no idea what I’d do with even an extra 30 minutes. Probably lay awake in bed, thinking about how I should be doing something more productive. So, let’s take advantage of this lunch hour writing time and pen my March 2022 update!

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February 2022 Update

I’m a little late with my February post. Nothing like a 12-week-old who seems to have her days and nights confused to challenge everything about life. Especially organization and time management. Arguably, not two of my strengths. Did I mention the sleep deprivation?

But who can stay mad at this little face?
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Goals: An Unlikely Intersection Between Running and Writing

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Is there a word for someone who voluntarily does uncomfortable stuff? Masochistic is way too strong of a word, but there has to be some obscure, specific term for us fools who enjoy running. Anyway, my sister and I voluntarily run half marathons, and we’re working our way through every state. This weekend and next, we’ll have checked off two more: Montana and Wyoming.

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Welcome to My Site!

Corgi sprawling across keyboard while Madeline tries to write.
Loving how my family is so supportive of my writing.

I’m excited to launch my author website. I’d love to connect to fellow writers and readers who enjoy YA literature, especially in the fantasy genre. While I’ve only been seriously writing with the goal of having a book on the shelf for about three years, I’ve been a voracious reader basically forever.

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