Into the (Query) Trenches

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You’ve just completed your novel. You’re excited, riding an exhilarating wave of momentum because you just typed “The End” at the bottom of your masterpiece. So, what happens next? There are hosts of hurdles in between your newborn manuscript and seeing your book on the shelves. Check out this week’s blog post here at CritiqueMatch.

If you’re interested in more information about querying and publication, let me know! I’m happy to deep dive into my experience and what I’ve researched for future posts.

Six Couples We Love to Hate

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Chocolate dressed in red and pink foil clutters the grocery store, advertisements for flowers bombard your face everywhere you look. But I didn’t want to talk about romance this year. Instead of waxing on about love and all its mushiness, I wanted to drag some couples through the dirt. Here are six couples we (and by this I specifically mean I) love to hate.

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