Welcome to My Site!

Corgi sprawling across keyboard while Madeline tries to write.
Loving how my family is so supportive of my writing.

I’m excited to launch my author website. I’d love to connect to fellow writers and readers who enjoy YA literature, especially in the fantasy genre. While I’ve only been seriously writing with the goal of having a book on the shelf for about three years, I’ve been a voracious reader basically forever.

When I read a book, I want the world to feel like a departure from ours. I used to say that if it didn’t have a dragon, I didn’t want to read it, but I’ve branched out recently. Some of my new favorites have been the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo and Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Uprooted by Naomi Novik is up there too, although that technically still contains a dragon.

I’m planning to write short blurbs about my writing journey, general writing advice, and if we’re all really lucky, I’ll complain about my corgis a little bit. I’m open for suggestions on what people want to hear more about too. I’m currently querying my second novel (the first was a massive train wreck and we won’t speak of it–unless of course you want to!). I’m happy to share any of my research into the publishing industry and the querying process or even just my writing progress.

Thanks for stopping by!

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